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Necessity of installing electronic fence in schools

  With the rapid development of the world economy, the demand for elites in various fields is becoming more and more extensive. However, no matter which field the elite can not do without the training of schools, education is a strong cornerstone of the country's rapid development. Therefore, it is particularly important to ensure the safety of the campus, so that teachers and students have a safe working and learning environment on campus.


  How to ensure campus safety?

  In addition to strengthening the security personnel, we can also use scientific and technological means to enhance the security level of the campus. For example, we can install a perimeter intrusion alarm system around the school to make up for the loophole that the security personnel cannot patrol at any time and anywhere without dead corners.

  Perimeter intrusion alarm system is divided into several types, for example, the types of Antong Ruida Perimeter Alarm System include vibrating optical fiber, buried leaky cable, laser radiation, infrared radiation, pulse fence, tension fence, etc! Since there are so many kinds of perimeter intrusion alarm systems, which ones are more suitable for school installation?


  After being recommended by the school security project that Antoine Ruida has participated in for many years, the school uses more tension electronic fence and pulse electronic fence. Because these two perimeter alarm systems can realize intrusion alarm and also play a practical physical blocking role. It can prevent students from jumping over the wall to leave the campus and playing truant. It can also prevent people outside the campus from climbing over the wall and breaking into the campus, which will cause potential safety problems for teachers and students. Its practicability and safety coefficient are relatively high.

  As shown in the following figure, after installing the electronic fence, the security room of the school can clearly understand the security situation of the whole school perimeter.

  As shown in the following figure (the content of the picture is from the network), during the epidemic situation, the hidden danger of students climbing over the wall and going out without permission can be effectively prevented if the Antoine Ruida electronic fence is installed. If the students climb forcibly, the alarm will be triggered, and the security personnel can quickly find out and respond.


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