Four beam ordinary infrared counter active intrusion detector

Functional features:
Professional anti frost and dew design

Suitable for various low temperatures (optional heaters) and harsh environments with high temperatures

Strong resistance to electromagnetic interference, suitable for substations and wireless base stations

Type: Four beam digital active infrared detector

Outdoor detection range: 50/100/150/200/250/300 meters optional

Number of beams: 4 beams

Detection method: 4-beam simultaneous interruption detection method

Induction speed: 35-700msec adjustable

Working current of the projector: (at DC12V) 20-31MA (at DC12V)

Operating current of the light receiver: (at DC12V) 34MA during alarm and 45MA during static state

Power supply voltage: AC13.8-18V DC12-24V

Working temperature: -25 ℃ -+55 ℃

Working humidity: ≤ 95%

White light resistance level: 6500LUX

Alarm output method: Relay contact output NO or NC contact capacity AC, DC30V 0.5AMax

Alarm triggering time: 35-700msec, adjustable

Alarm duration: 2 ± 1S

Anti disassembly output method: 1B contact output, DC24V/0.5A MAX

Buzzer prompt: None

Optical adjustment angle: (horizontal) 180 ° (± 90 °)

Optical adjustment angle: (vertical) 20 ° (± 10 °)

Environment adaptation: None

Sight: detachable

Anti EMI, RFI interference: √

Main material: ABS

Shell material: PC engineering plastic

Shell protection level: IP55

Other additional functions: light indication, OK indication, test terminal

Size (mm): 370 * 101 * 96mm

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